Sampling the World’s Best Pizza

Sampling the World’s Best


You’ve probably heard
travelers boast that there’s no better place for pizza than Naples, Italy.  But not all pizzas are created equally, so why not take on the task of finding the best
pizza in town?  It’s a fun and unique way to learn more about the history of
this great food. 


As far as the rules go, to
rate among the most flavorful, pizzas “must be prepared in wood burning brick
ovens.”  It has to be the creation of a true master, with at least two years
experience.  The dough has to garner the awe of whoever samples it.     


So why not start at Brandi,
near the Royal Palace?  It’s said to be the birthplace of “the Margherita
pizza,” although this delectable treat has been around since the days of
ancient Rome.  Stories tell that because it offered superb flavors and
displayed the colors of the country’s flag, the pie became a favorite of the
Queen of Savoy.  It was then named “Marguerita,” in her honor.  Ever since, the
stylish ambience and food of Brandi continues to attract locals and visitors


Pizzeria Trianon da Ciro is
another excellent choice, and a top destination.   Boasting an enormous
restaurant and an exciting menu, it’s well liked by even the pickiest
Neapolitans.  So if you crave for home-made buffalo mozzarella and over
twenty-five scrumptious toppings, this is the place to be.  Try the Italian
sausage or the locally grown vegetables.  But be willing to wait for a table.
The lines that wrap around the block are a true indication of the quality of its


Savor out-of-the ordinary
delights at La Notizia.  Consider a “white pizza” with eggplant and fresh-made
provolone cheese.  It’s certainly a must for discerning gourmets. 


And if you’re touring Naples’ historic district, stop by Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente, named in honor of former
President Clinton.  Sample a marinara, sizzling with the taste of garlic, olive
oil and other scrumptious seasonings.  Taste the lean prosciuttos and delight
in the superb wine list featuring vintages from the region.


Check out Da Michele, still
unchanged since the 19th century.  It serves the city’s top calzone
and pizza Margherita.   


As you’ll find out, in Italy, pizza is not just another culinary specialty.  It’s a work of art to be admired and

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