Visiting Graz, Austria

Visiting Graz, Austria


If you haven’t visited Austria before, you might not be
familiar with the city of Graz.  It has as much to offer as Vienna, the
better-known Austrian city.  Actually, Graz is no lightweight, as it happens to
be the second biggest city in Austria. 


Graz, located in the southern section of the country, is
situated on the scenic River Mur.  It’s easily accessible by just about any
mode of transportation.  And since it’s only about 2 hours from Vienna by car,
it’s a great addition to any Austrian itinerary. 


Like all of Europe, the best time to visit is during the
summer months.  But even if you can only take your vacation during the dead of
winter, don’t take Graz off your list of must-see destinations.  Just dress
warm and you’ll still be able to enjoy the city’s sites and attractions. 


Though there is a lot to see and do in Graz, perhaps the
biggest attraction of all is the historic Schlossberg Castle, which is located
on the top of the Schlossberg (huge hill).  Napoleon’s army destroyed most of
the castle, but the Clock Tower still remains.  And once you arrive at the top,
you’ll be privy to the most amazing view of the city. 


The city’s Old Town area is another must see.  This older
section of the city was mostly spared during the bombing during WWII.  This
world heritage site is full of houses and buildings dating back hundreds of
years.  One site not to miss is the famous Landhaus, a magnificent palace that
dates back from the Renaissance period.  Other sites that should not be missed
are the Eggenberg Castle and the city’s main clock, the Glockenspiel Clock. 


The city of Graz, though steeped in history, does have a
more modern side.  In Graz, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy its clubs and
discos, even in such places as the city’s Old Town area.  And during the long
summer nights, you can sit outside in the open-air bars and people watch for
hours on end. 


If you’re in need of some retail therapy, don’t despair. 
Graz has its share of shopping opportunities, whether in its smaller shops or
the more commercialized department stores. 


Graz has something for everyone. 






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